5 Movies to Stream on Netflix this President’s Day

President’s Day is upon us again and don’t you want to just curl up with a nice political film to celebrate the holiday? Yeah, me neither. But in keeping with the patriotic/presidential theme of the day, here are five films available to stream right now on Netflix that would be the perfect way to wrap up your extended weekend.


“Following his bid to win the U.S. presidency, most Americans believed they knew Mitt Romney. With unprecedented access, this documentary tracks Romney from 2006 and his first effort to win the Republican nomination, through the 2012 elections, revealing the man behind the sound bites in an authentic view the public rarely glimpsed during the media frenzy of a national campaign.”

What better way to celebrate the American presidency than to watch a documentary about a man who almost held the office himself?


The West Wing

“This powerful political epic chronicles the triumphs and travails of White House senior staff under the administration of President Josiah Bartlet.”

Yeah, yeah. We know this isn’t a movie. But an entire TV series based on a US president and his cabinet seems very fitting for a list like this.



The Manchurian Candidate

“Two U.S. soldiers in the first Gulf War are programmed to rebel once they return home. Several years later, one becomes a vice presidential candidate.”

Our first political thriller on the list shows Denzel at his very finest, alongside Meryl Streep, Liev Schreiber, and Jon Voight. Although this remake didn’t fare quite as well as the 1962 original, it’s still a damn good film with even better acting.



Interview with the Assassin

“A reporter stumbles on the story of the century when his ex-Marine neighbor admits he was the second gunman on the legendary “grassy knoll” in Dallas.”

This riveting mockumentary about the JFK conspiracy is enough to get anyone thinking. “Interview with the Assassin,” with wonderful performances and a shocking ending, is one of the most underrated conspiracy thrillers to date.




Young Mr. Lincoln

“This biopic traces Abraham Lincoln’s early law career, his defense of two men unjustly accused of murder, and his budding political consciousness.”

What a perfect way to celebrate President’s Day, honoring one of the men who inspired it. Directed by the all-time great Henry Fonda, “Young Mr. Lincoln” takes a fictional look at Honest Abe’s early law career.



Did we miss any essential President’s Day flicks? If so, let us know in the comments!