“About Last Night” Movie Review – Now on DVD and Blu-ray

About Last Night 1“About Last Night” Movie Review

Three 80s remakes were released over this Valentine’s Day weekend, Robocop, Endless Love, and this. I was for sure going to see Robocop, and I was actually thinking about seeing A Winter’s Tale thinking that both Endless Love and About Last Night would be awful. I predicted correctly for Endless Love, but I was very surprised to see About Last Night’s critical praise with a hefty 77% on the Tomatometer and I decided to see this instead of A Winter’s Tale, which scored a measly 14%.

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To start off, I’m pretty happy with my choice. About Last Night turned out to be quite the laugh-riot, mostly thanks to a wonderful performance from Kevin Hart who really showed his comedic prowess as a leading man. I had always known he was funny from his stand-up stuff, but after Ride Along, I was a bit skeptical on his whole ability to hold a movie screen, but that doubt was short lived because he killed it in this one. Hart has a one helluva ego. He and Regina Hall, the actress who played his girlfriend, Joan, were the best parts of this movie. They had some fantastic chemistry and some very funny lines throughout.

As well as the fine performances, About Last Night also, surprisingly, offers up some clever and smart insight into modern relationships and their trappings. You follow two couples throughout the course of the movie: The first is Kevin Hart and Regina Hall who are shown as the much more dysfunctional couple. They are off and on throughout the movie and it was perfect role for both of them to show off their comedic talents with the off-the-handle characters who would be making out one minute and then screaming their heads of the next. The second couple consists of Michael Ealy (Danny) and Joy Bryant (Debbie). These two are shown as the more functional and average couple who are together for the majority of the film.

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The whole movie focuses more on the second couple because they’re the basis. They’re the backbone to the story and the lessons that each of the characters learn reflects off of their relationship, theirs being the most organized. They too have their ups and downs, but they usually find a solution, unlike the other two. This is where the insight comes in. I thought that this balancing act between the two polar opposites was done quite well and it effectively showed how these two different techniques counteract on each other. It was actually pretty engaging.

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About Last Night does follow a pretty well-known formula (that being for a romantic-comedy), but like I always say, it’s not the overall product that matters, what matters are the ingredients you need in order to make it. About Last Night delves into the subject of modern relationships with a surprisingly easy tone and creates a film that balances the characters with a steady hand as well as a ferocious punch when needed. Also, the performances are good and in Kevin Hart’s case, they were priceless. I was pretty skeptical about this movie coming out of the gate, but I’m so glad I decided to catch this one instead of A Winter’s Tale. If you are being dragged to some rom-com by your girlfriend, try to push her towards this one. It’s not the worst thing you could experience, it’s actually not bad.

3 out of 5