Best 3+ Hour Movies

3+ hour moviesBest 3+ Hour Movies

This week sees the release of Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-botherer The Wolf of Wall Street on Blu-ray and DVD. Argued by many to be unnecessarily long and bloated, Scorsese’s three-hour epic remains a triumphant cinematic achievement which remains thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, even if it maybe feels a little empty inside. Very few films tend to break the three-hour barrier in modern cinema, mainly due to the dwindling levels of patience of the modern movie-goer. This is a sad reflection of what cinema has become for a lot of people, yet much joy can be found in revisiting old classics or perhaps viewing them for the first time. For this list I have strictly limited my choices to films that clock at least 180 minutes. So join us here at Movie Rehab as we rank the very best epics that film has had to offer over the history of cinema.