“I, Frankenstein” Movie Review – Now on DVD and Blu-ray

I Frankenstein 1“I, Frankenstein”

If you’ve read Mary Shelley’s infamous novel Frankenstein and you liked it you’ll probably hate this movie because of the total disregard for the source material and the wonderful story that was already there. Ironically, if you hated the book you’ll probably also hate this for it’s terrible acting, shoddy CGI and dreadful writing.

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I, Frankenstein follows Frankenstein’s Monster (Aaron Eckhart) into the modern day because he’s immortal for some reason. He is found by an army of Gargoyles who are actually Angels who are tasked with defending humanity from the Demons led by Naberius (Bill Nighy) who is disguised as a human billionaire for some reason. The Monster, who is called Adam for some reason, must learn to help humanity and defend it from the Demons despite the fact they rejected him and he has no humanity.

You may have noticed I said “for some reason” several times in the last paragraph and that was on purpose. After watching this film and analysing the plot I came to the conclusion that everything happened “for some reason”. Everything just seemed to push the plot forward for convenience or without being explained. For example, the Monster, who in the novel is just called Monster, is referred to as Monster, Adam and even Frankenstein several times. He’s also an absolute specimen of physical fitness despite being made of dead human tissue and several hundred years old. It’s stuff like that which makes a mockery of the source material and also makes the film oddly confusing despite the fact it was obviously written by someone with the mental age of an eight year old, and not a smart eight year old at that.

However, you’d expect with a film made by the same people who made Underworld that at least the action would be good. Admittedly, it was okay but the visual effects weren’t up to scratch and this ultimately drew away from the few sequences in the film that had some promise. In terms of the performances you could tell most of the cast didn’t really want to be there. Aaron Eckhart was probably thinking about how he used to be in good movies, Bill Nighy was phoning it in as the over the top bad guy he’s played several times and Jai Courtney had probably already got the call to do the new Terminator film and knew he didn’t have to impress anyone.

What’s more annoying is if you can get past the ridiculous changes this film makes to the lore surrounding Frankenstein and his Monster there is actually some promise. If the film had been an exploration of immortality and humanity and less of a supernatural action film, which they obviously wanted to tie into the Underworld series, then it could have actually been quite good.

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But, all we’re left with is a soulless, witless, joke of a film which is so forgettable and bad there is virtually no point in watching it.

1 out of 5