Meet the Patels Review


“Meet the Patels”

Meet the Patels is a documentary that takes you inside Indian culture. We meet Ravi, an almost 30-year-old man who just broke up with his secret long-term girlfriend. Now with the help of his parents, he embarks on a journey to search for a new love. That his parents approve of, and are Indian, and American, and Patel, and Single, and female, and smart, and funny and everything else one looks for in a significant other.

Ravi Patel and his sister Geeta Patel directed the film. The duo opened their doors and exposed their family, friends, and Ravi dating life for the film. They show the audience what being a part of the modern day marriage arrangement process is. The film goes into detail about why all Patel’s marry Patel’s. Fun fact, it is not incest, the last name shows what part of India one comes from. Their parents have expectation for both of the children, and marriage is one of them.

What I enjoyed most about Meet the Patels, was it is not your typical “looking for love” reality piece. Yes, it was real life, and Ravi is searching for love, but the film presented bigger messages. The audience gets to see how family, culture, and ultimately love influences all the choices you make. Not only is the documentary funny and entertaining, but the audiences gets to learn about the values of Indian culture, and see how Indian-Americans adapt to living in a country that doesn’t hold the same values and beliefs of their own.

Overall Meet the Patels is a real life romantic comedy. The film is about an hour and a half long, and gets right into the details so the audience is never bored. The filming is not superb, but with it being a documentary that is not expected. If you are looking for something to watch that is multicultural and informative on top of being entertaining, Meet the Patels is the way to go. The film is full of emotion, and will not be disappointing.

4 out of 5