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Intro: I’ve never been much of a Horror fan. When I was young, I was so scared of the Alien boxAlien poster art that I wouldn’t even look in its direction. But as I got older, I’ve dabbled and seen some, yet I’ve never committed to watching more than a few.  So I decided to start this feature because I’ve always been intrigued by what horror can accomplish and how imaginative it can be. How it can play on your senses, fears and the ever popular question of ‘what would you do in that situation?’ Every week I’ll be reviewing a new horror movie. I’ll switch between a classic/older horror film and a newer/recent film. I hope you find this entertaining and I’ll try to admit to what scared me and how high my screams were.

I’m not into the whole gore-porn scene, but Evil Dead made it feel that if done properly, there can be good blood baths. Now I’m not exactly unbiased here. I love the originals so I was eager to see how a new take from writer/director Fede Alverez would work and if he would try to replace Ash, which thank the evil lord below they didn’t.

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The cast was pretty good but the star is Mia (Jane Levy). She’s been taken to her family’s old cabin to kick a drug addiction when she’s targeted by an evil force. The killing starts out brutal and doesn’t stop. There’s one in particular involving a needle that I could barely hold in my little girlish scream, but at no time was I wanting to turn the movie off because it was used just to add more blood to the bill.

Alverez made the gore feel like this is what would happen if this situation was happening to you. I was also impressed with the other actors and actresses zombie/infected performance. They weren’t cheesy, looked out of place or acted too strange…for a zombie.

I’m also really impressed that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were producing. It gave me a load of confidence that they were happy with the version that was being made and were there to keep the essence of Evil Dead. I also loved the throw backs with the rusted Oldsmobile, the possessed tree, ram cam, and more. Plus how they updated some stuff like the Necronomicon to make it more creepy and a sense of real satanic stuff went on.

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There wasn’t much I disliked, if anything. Maybe some of the characters felt lackluster and the film could’ve done without but who else is the demon gonna kill! I was startled sometimes but this was a movie of brutality, demonic gore and straight up terrifying ways to go out of this world. Evil Dead is a worthy remake and probably along the lines of what Raimi originally wanted to do with the series.

5 out of 5

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