Seven Movie Posters That Every Man Cave Needs

Seven Movie Poster That Every Man Cave Needs

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I know what you’re thinking: What the heck is METROPOLIS?  It’s Fritz Lang’s 1927 masterpiece about the division between the classes in the mid 21st century.  Have you seen it?  Probably not.  It’s black & white and silent.  But look at that poster!  The weird shape compared to other posters will make it stand out and the black & gold color scheme combined with a sharp font & cityscape really makes it pop.  Lastly, it’s in German, making you look slightly cultured to your buddies.

You must have “Ahnold” on your wall.  And why not have him in his most iconic role: The T-800.  Sunglasses, leather jacket, shotgun in one hand, motorcycle handlebar in the other.  It’s the epitome of early 90s cool.  This poster also doubles as a homage to James Cameron and his, as “Ahnold” put it at the 1998 Oscars, his “low budget, arthouse picture period.”

It looks so simple.  Small, generic letter on top.  A simple black background.  A large egg in the center, cracking at the bottom with a green light peeking out.  Oh, what horrors lie inside.  A perfect way to show your buddies that you aren’t a scaredy cat.  But you still jump every time.

Our first trip down memory lane.  You wore out your VHS copy & put numerous scratches on your DVD collection.  You & your buddies had adventures in the woods or in your backyard as young Indys.  And this Richard Amsel poster perfectly captures that.  Jones at his finest with his whip mid-crack right upfront.  And every possible detail to a memorable  moment is brilliantly drawn into ancient temple background.

Now a throwback to your college days.  Every frat boy had this poster on their wall.  A simple half black, half white background with Al Pacino partially camouflaged with a pistol & a clenched fist.  The coolest poster of the longest, most boring movie, with the greatest line ever before mowing people down, a 19-year old would ever hype to death.

The ultimate underdog story, both in front of & behind the camera.  And a great poster to boot.  The beautiful training montage featuring that iconic climb up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, culminating with Rocky with his back to the camera, overlooking his hometown in the final stages of the fall to winter transition down below.  The City of Brotherly Love never looked more breathtaking.

And now, the poster every seven year-old’s dreams are made of.  The hero with his weapon, highlighted by crossing beams of light for maximum effect.  The damsel in distress flanked by his side (before we knew their relationship & felt weird).  The villain lying ominously in the background like he’s the most powerful force in the universe.  Perfection on a 27” x 41” sheet.