“Spare Change” Movie Review – Now on All VOD Platforms

“Spare Change”

Spare Change is a simple delight. It’s a movie that doesn’t try to be anything else but what it is,  and that’s a semi-lighthearted comedy. Running at a little more that 90 minutes, it is also a remotely quick watch and one that is able to engage and entertain for those minutes thanks to the wit of its script and the charm of its cast and, man, is its cast charming.

It’s an intriguing premise and one with a lot of comedic potential. The story is about a woman who is fired from her job and gets the “great” idea of dressing up as a homeless woman (Lissa Lauria) in order to extract spare change from sorry people’s wallets. She’s basically making being homeless a profession. This concept alone has a lot of potential for hilarity, but also for some interesting drama, and Spare Change does take that to a certain extent, but never into waters that I wish it would have.

The performances by Lauria and Elysa Levesque are great. They speak so comfortably to the point of where I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of this dialogue was improvised. They are also immensely endearing, especially Lauria’s Jane, which is demanded from a movie in which the main character does some pretty depraved acts. Even when Lauria is pretending to be cold, starving, and helpless she makes us root for her. Maybe we were rooting for her to see the error of her ways.

I know that this is a short review, but I really don’t have all that much to say about Spare Change. It is a funny movie that will hopefully get more attention than its extremely small release promises. As I said before, it’s a simple delight and one that won’t leave you regretting the time it takes to watch, as short as it is.

3 out of 5