Sterling Jerins: Hollywood’s Favorite Little Actress

sterling jerins


Sterling Jerins: Hollywood’s Favorite Little Actress

With this weekend came not only the release of the action-thriller No Escapebut also the latest leading role by Sterling Jerins – an 11 year old who has effectively taken Hollywood by storm. The little actress stars as Owen Wilson and Lake Bell’s daughter who, with her family, move to southeast Asia and are swept into a harrowing nightmare as an uprising begins around them.

For most child actors, this role alone would instantly become the highlight of their careers. But for Jerins, it barely scratches the surface of her ever-growing resumé. Her first major role came on the NBC television series Deception, where she appeared in 5 out of 11 episodes as Lily Bowers. However, arguably her breakthrough role came just months later, when she starred as Brad Pitt’s daughter in the critically acclaimed summer-zombie film World War Z.

sterling jerins no escapeAfter starring alongside Pitt, she went on to play Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s daughter in the mega-hit horror film The Conjuring. The following year, Jerins had her biggest role to date (meaning the most screen time) when she played the granddaughter of Michael Douglas in the charming rom-com And So It Goes (also starring Diane Keaton).

This year, along with No Escape, Sterling played a young Charlize Theron in the Gillian Flynn adaptation Dark Places and also starred in 5 Flights Up with Morgan Freeman and, again, Diane Keaton. Next year, Jerins is set to star in Geostorm, a sci-fi action film led by Gerard Butler. As TMZ reported, she is making a whopping $125,000 for the role, not to mention shared billing with Butler himself.

But it seems that as Jerins has spent more and more screen time next to major Hollywood A-listers – she became one herself. Her name may not be well known just yet, but she has slipped under the radar to become the single most in-demand child actress working in the industry today. With a filmography that could impress almost anyone, Sterling Jerins is just getting started. Her on-camera charisma is irresistible and her talent is undeniable. Believe me when I say – her name is one to remember.

Watch Sterling Jerins in the World War Z clip below.