The full “Deadpool” trailer is as wonderfully crude and off-kilter as you’d hope

A few weeks ago the trailer for one of Marvel’s latest premiered at Comic Con and blew everyone away. This trailer was for Deadpool, and while the trailer did get leaked onto the internet, as they often do, 20th Century Fox decided not to give in and kept the HD trailer for later release. Well, after an interesting, and hilarious, surprise yesterday with a trailer for the trailer, we finally have the full trailer for the Deadpool movie, and no, they did not sew his mouth shut, that’s for damn sure.

The Deadpool trailer shows us the Merc with a Mouth we’ve always wanted, one that doesn’t hesitate to curse, joke, offend, and belittle with all of his fourth wall breaking greatness. As for story, the trailer still hasn’t given us much to chew on just yet, but that’s always a wise choice to keep things from the audience so not to ruin any surprises. It does look like he will be battling Colossus and there will be an origin story for the hero, so we have that to look forward to.

By the way, here’s the Red Band Trailer as well because, I mean, who wants to see a “Green Band” Deadpool, right?