Top 5 Favorite Muppets

MuppetsTop 5 Muppets

This weekend sees the return of the most lovable, colourful, and all-round entertaining pieces of cloth ever to grace our screens, both big and small. I’m talking of course, about Jim Henson’s celebrated Muppet characters who rose to fame on the mid-seventies variety television show. Over the course of 120 episodes, both young and old came to love the wonderful mix of satire, music, and slapstick, all performed by a host of memorable characters. After a big screen lay-off in recent years, the Muppets announced their return in 2011 with a critically-acclaimed box office smash which reminded the world how sometimes good old-fashioned entertainment is very hard to beat. So join us here at Movie Rehab as we celebrate the greatest characters that the Muppets have produced over the years and believe me, that’s no easy task.

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