Top 5 St. Paddy’s Day Edition: Best Irish Actors

Daniel Day Lewis#1. Daniel Day-Lewis

With no less than three Best Actor Academy Awards on his mantelpiece, Daniel Day-Lewis remains the undisputed king of big-screen acting. Renowned for his supreme dedication to living and breathing each role he plays, Day-Lewis has truly earned every plaudit he receives. The scary thing is, he’s not anywhere near retirement and he’s only going to get better and better. One may wonder if he will ever decide to take on something more universal, (A Marvel villain of sorts perhaps?) Either way, it is clear that there is much still to come from this wonderful Irish thespian. Long may his cinematic career continue.

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As for the twitter poll, there was a slight difference of opinion…

5. Cillian Murphy

4. Colin Farrell

3. Liam Neeson

2. Daniel Day-Lewis

1. Michael Fassbender

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