Top 5 Ensemble Casts in a Movie

Ensemble CastsTop 5 Ensemble Casts

There are certain directors, stories, and pay-cheques that seem to appeal to every working actor in the business. Usually, a big Hollywood production can tempt two or three high class A-listers due to the large budgets and publicity on offer while a small indie production can do the same with the help of a good script. Although a great cast does not always a great movie make (See Ridley Scott’s recent mess The Counselor), it usually has a better chance of drawing an audience. Over the past week, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel has proven the strength of an ensemble cast as it broke limited-screening box office records with its quirky well-advertised charm and jaw-dropping cast line-up. So with that colourful picture in mind, here is my Top 5 list of the greatest ensemble casts of all time.