Top Five Movies Based on Short Films

Top Five Movies Based on Short Films

James Wan, the helmer of such incredible horror films as The Conjuring and Insidious, produces another horror flick that could potentially make you not ever want to turn off the lights. In light (ha, sorry) of the wide release of Lights Out let’s look back at a few full-length movies that came about from their short film counterparts.

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#5. Pixels

The 2015 Chris Columbus directed picture that tells the story of a once youth video-game champion (of course played by Adam Sandler) along with his best friend, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (Kevin James…), and a woman entirely out of his league (Michelle Monaghan) coming together to save the world from pixelated video game characters threatening global war. The movie evidently captured the hearts of many, earning over $244 million at the box office. Pixels is the full-length adaptation of the short film of the same name created by Patrick Jean.

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#4. This is the End

The duo of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wanted to create a picture where people played themselves and something extraordinary occurred. From that idea, the 9-minute short Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse came to fruition in 2007 and starred only Rogen and Jay Baruchel. The short originally released a minute and a half trailer on YouTube which garnered over 50,000 hits in two weeks. In 2011, it was announced that the short would become a full-fledged picture originally entitled The Apocalypse and in 2013, the comedy This is the End was released with an all-star cast including Rogen and Baruchel along with James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and a myriad of celebrity death cameos. The short was released in full as a blu-ray exclusive for the release of This is the End.

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#3. Fatal Attraction

The 1987 erotic thriller Fatal Attraction starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close made spouses keep an eye on each other and their rabbits. In 1979, Fatal Attraction screenwriter James Dearden wrote and directed a short film called Diversion for British television. The 45-minute short film was made for $40,000 and ended up winning a Chicago Film Festival award the following year. Dearden wrote the screenplay for the full adaptation, directed by Adrian Lyle, and the film garnered incredible acclaim; the box office totaling over $300 million worldwide and Glenn Close receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance.

#2. Evil Dead

Utilizing somewhat of a real-life Kickstarter, director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell created the short film Within the Woods in order to generate buzz and money to create their ultimate goal of The Evil Dead. Raimi always wanted to direct a full-length horror film and needed $100,000 to achieve this, thus creating the quote, “prequel” to The Evil Dead for $1,600. Raimi asked anyone he could for donations for the full-length production and ultimately, with the help of friends and whoever was remotely interested, managed to generate enough funds to create The Evil Dead, however it was not the full amount he wanted. The Evil Dead has become a favourite in the horror community, remains a cult classic and is regarded as one of Sam Raimi’s greatest works.

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#1. The Babadook

The full-length directorial debut of Jennifer Kent has been regarded as one of the better psychological horrors in recent memory. The Babadook explores various themes general audiences do not always associate with “horror” films and this haunting Australian-Canadian production received incredible acclaim from various outlets. Jennifer Kent originally created the short film Monster in 2014 and stated the origins of Babadook could be found in Monster. She refers to her short as “baby Babadook.” William Friedkin, director of the classic The Exorcist (1973), tweeted the following about the movie: “I’ve never seen a more terrifying film. It will scare the hell out of you as it did me.”

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