Weekly Netflix Recommendations – Week of 11/5

netflix recommendations

Weekly Staff Netflix Recommendations

Jacob’s Recommendation:

“The Nightmare”

This is not your usual documentary, but a fascinating and quite horrifying study of a truly terrible epidemic. The epidemic is sleep paralysis, which is the temporary inability to move while falling asleep or upon waking, and something that I have experienced myself. While the documentary doesn’t give much information on the medical aspects of the phenomenon–there are no scientists or doctors showing us graphs or spouting facts about the scientific causes and symptoms–it instead goes for a much more visceral and personal approach, cutting between eight different people as they discuss their terrifying experiences during their episodes. If being practically paralyzed wasn’t scary enough, each of the victims claim to have had visions or been visited by a supernatural entities during the paralysis, and each of their intense and startlingly similar experiences have been reenacted with unnerving results. You own’t be able to fall asleep afterwards; you won’t want to try.


Tom’s Recommendation:

“Kung Fury”

If you like martial arts, dinosaurs, the 80’s, David Hasselhoff, Vikings or Nazis being killed then I think I have the perfect short film for you. Kung Fury is about a cop who is imbued with supernatural kung fu powers and must travel back in time to kill Hitler, the most powerful kung fu master of all time. It’s ridiculous in so many ways and while it is quite intentionally bad and probably not to everyone’s taste I’d say you should at least give it a shot and if you hate it then it didn’t was much of your day.


Stephen’s Recommendation:


After witnessing a murder in the restroom at a train station in Philadelphia, a young, fatherless Amish boy (Haas) & his mother (McGillis) must now be protected by Detective John Book (Ford).  After a shootout with the crooked cop who committed the murder, Book himself must recover and hide among the Amish.  Over time, he becomes accustomed to the Mennonites and gets closer to the boy’s mother.  Winner of two Oscars (Editing & Original Screenplay) and nominated for six others (including director Peter Weir’s first & Ford’s lone nominations), Witness has one of the most spectacular first acts I’ve ever seen.  Thrilling and fascinating throughout, there’s also a wonderful forbidden love story here that will take your breath away.  A must see for anyone who truly appreciates movies.


Paul’s Recommendation:

“The Spongebob Squarepants Movie”

Okay, this is a personal choice. I grew up watching Spongebob every night before going to bed and it is to this day one of my favorite shows. The writing and pace is so different to today’s children TV shows and the humor can from time to time even be too mature for children to understand, but I do not see this as a negative. If you dig Spongebob’s humor, this is a must-see film that sometimes goes a little bit over the top which makes for some hilarious dialogue and situations that Spongebob and Patrick have to go through. On the other hand, if you cannot handle the humor you should maybe avoid this movie.