Weekly Staff Netflix Recommendations – Week of 1/21

netflix recommendations

Weekly Netflix Recommendations

Jacob’s Recommendation:

“World of Tomorrow”

World of Tomorrow is animator Don Hertzfeldt’s latest film (and nominated for Best Animated Short at this year’s Academy Awards) and it is definitely one of his best. The man who brought us the masterpieces It’s Such a Beautiful Day and Rejected graces us with a sci-fi tale about a young girl being taken on a mind-bending, tragic, and often hilarious tour of her distant future. The dialogue is funny and insightful, it’s animation is gorgeous and inventive, and the characters are lovable and complex–the little girl is voiced by Hertzfeldt’s five-year-old niece guaranteeing max cuteness. It may only be 16-minutes long, but it packs more ideas and emotion within its slight running time than most ful length features and we have Hertzfeldt to thank for that.


Tom’s Recommendation:

“Black Mirror”

This is an excellent alternative to the typical Christmas special as it will undoubtedly not make you feel festive, in fact it will probably make you feel extremely uneasy and depressed. Regardless it is extremely good and helps to remind us that Christmas isn’t fun for everyone and through the medium of one of the creepiest and best science fiction shows to come out of the UK in recent years. Also, with the recent announcement of Netflix exclusivity on future episodes this really does give us a taster of what’s to come.


Stephen’s Recommendation:


Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal) is a small-time crook looking for anyway to make a quick buck.  While out driving one night, he stumbles upon a crime scene where he meets a guy who films the scenes and sells them to the nightly local news.  Rounding up enough money for equipment, Bloom is soon the go to freelancer of KWLA news director Nina Romina (Russo).  But soon enough, Bloom starts doing some unethical and potentially illegal activities while out in the field.  How far will he go for a story?  Nightcrawler is a sadistic thriller that is a beautiful evisceration of American media, American business and the American media business not seen since Network 40 years ago.

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