Weekly Staff Netflix Recommendations – Week of 12/18

netflix recommendations

Weekly Staff Netflix Recommendations

Jacob’s Recommendation:

“Fish Tank”

As I watched Fish Tank I found myself mesmerized by its story, its characters, and its compassion. This British drama about a young girl’s struggle with loneliness is as realistic and gritty as they come, but it possesses a sensitivity that is undeniable and rather beautiful. The performances from newcomer Kate Jarvis and Michael Fassbender (one of the most talented actors currently working) is absolute perfection and the direction from British realist Andrea Arnold is superb. It’s a truly moving experience.


Stephen’s Recommendation:

“Love Actually”

A grumpy music legend has to record a Christmas song based on his biggest hit.  Best friends quarrel over one’s new bride.  A writer is thrown for a loop after discovering his girlfriend is cheating on him.  A happily married man is tempted by his new secretary.  Britain’s new Prime Minister catches the eye a member of the housekeeping staff.  A recently-widowed man must now raise his stepson alone.  Two enamored co-workers finally appear to get together.  A young, sex-starved man flies to America to find women.  Body doubles in a movie bond while shooting awkward scenes.  These unique and clichéd subplots form the basis of this Christmas movie that I am pleased to find has caught on with audiences around the holiday season.


Paul’s Recommendation:


Ray is the story of influential, famous and blind musician Ray Charles, played by Jamie Foxx and directed by Taylor Hackford. As a 152 minutes-long biographical drama it actually is a very engaging watch from beginning to end. I have not watched it in a long time but am looking forward to seeing Jamie Foxx take on the huge role of Ray Charles again. He delivers a nuanced and beautiful performance for which he earned an Oscar for best actor in a leading role that year. If you have never seen Ray, check it out as the Christmas season begins.

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