Weekly Staff Netflix Recommendations – Week of September 10th

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Weekly Staff Netflix Recommendations:

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Jacob’s Recommendation:

“Attack On Titan”

This anime television series is a unique and enthralling venture. Taking place within a dystopian world taken over by humongous, man-eating, humanoid creatures named Titans which have eliminated much of the human race, it centers on a young boy who makes it his life goal to destroy each and every one of them in order to avenge the death of his family and bring peace and harmony back into the world so humanity can stop living in fear. It’s a riveting and often times emotionally wrenching watch with plenty of beautiful, hand-drawn animation to accent the biting, unyielding narrative.


Bobby’s Recommendation:

“Puppy Love”

There is an abundance of French female sexuality coming-of-age movies released every year (a genre that most American filmmakers are still scared to venture in to), but few strike the same emotional chord that 2013’s Puppylove. Led by the stunning Soléne Rigot, Puppylove is equally endearing and heart wrenching, with some of the most memorable performances in recent French cinema.


Taylor’s Recommendation:

“Almost Famous”

Almost Famous is a story about a young boy who follows a fictional band on tour in the hope of publishing his first cover story for Rolling Stone magazine. Directed by Cameron Crowe, the film has similarities many with his actual life – he did somewhat of the same thing with Led Zeppelin. Almost Famous did not do well at the box office, however it is a cute film to watch on a rainy day, and has an excellent cast.


Stephen’s Recommendation:


I know I’m not going out on a limb by recommending a Martin Scorsese film that was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  But have you really watched Hugo?  Hugo is an orphan living in the rafters of the Paris train station responsible for the clocks of the station to function properly.  He soon befriends a young girl who lives with her uncle, who owns a trinket shop in the train station.  But he is not who he appears to be on the surface.

My personal choice for the best film of 2011, Hugo, like the uncle character played by Ben Kingsley, is more than just a single layer.  It is not just a children’s adventure & a celebration of the motion pictures but also about the wonders that can be found at the bottom of a lost & found box.  Hugo also features a moment 75 minutes in that is so beautiful & perfect that just sitting here writing about it makes me tear up.  A perfect excuse to begin a child’s journey into the awe & wonder of cinema early.

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