What is Hitbliss and why aren’t you using it?!

HitblissWhat is Hitbliss?

Hitbliss is a revolutionary new streaming service that allows its users to earn money by watching advertisements, and then use that money to rent a variety of films, including many titles from Amazon. This week, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and “Out of the Furnace” were just three movies added to rent this week.

So what’s the catch? Well that’s the thing; there is no catch! If you’re a movie lover, there is NO EXC– USE as to why you aren’t using Hitbliss. How does it work you ask? Well it’s quite simple, actually. First, you download the free application on either your Macbook, PC, or Android (iOS coming soon). Once you’ve downloaded it, you can start earning right away. Earning is a surprisingly quick process, and you can easily make $5 in under 15 minutes. The current ad selection is pretty limited, and you may become frustrated after seeing that same damn Dr. Pepper commercial ten times in a row, but that will be long forgotten when you’re watching “Gravity” completely UNINTERRUPTED.

That lack of interruption is exactly what sets Hitbliss apart from services such as Hulu. That, and the selection is ten

Hitbliss "turned 1" on March 1st this year

Hitbliss “turned 1” on March 1st of this year

times bigger, with more recently released films rather than mysterious avant-garde documentaries from the 1980s (sorry Hulu). Also, with Hitbliss, you can watch the advertisements at your own leisure and then spend your earnings at any time you wish. For example, you don’t have to pick “12 Years a Slave,” then watch the ads, and then get the movie.

Since Hitbliss is a fairly new service (only just celebrating it’s 1st birthday) there are still some things to be worked out. For example, you can only rent 5 things (movies or TV episodes) a week from Amazon. That’s fine for movie watchers, but tough for TV binge-watchers. However, they have expressed several times through Twitter that the cap is for a limited time only. Another issue that you are only allowed to have $6 in your “Hitbliss bank” at any given time. This means that you are unable to rent movies which cost $5.99 (for taxes) or $6.99 (because $6.99 is greater than $6; basic math FTW). This is another aspect of the site that they’ve expressed will change with time.

To learn more about Hitbliss, you can check out their website, Twitter, or Facebook. And when you’re ready to download, use this link┬áso they know that we sent you! I hope I’ve inspired you all to check out this incredible service, which is bound to completely explode in the near future. Don’t you want to want to be able to say that you used Hitbliss before it became a “household name”?!

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